Workforce Development & Equity Grant (W.E.)

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W.E. Grant Program Focus
The Workforce Development and Equity Grant Program (W.E.) believes local groups and leaders are essential if communities are to create safe environments where children and youth grow up successfully. The program awards grants to local groups to support innovative, youth-focused, grassroots projects to impact community change in DETROIT!


Grants from $500 to $7,500 are available for two types of projects:
1) Projects that contribute to positive outcomes toward Workforce Development for young people between the ages of 13 and 24 years old. These would include activities that improve pathways to college and careers or strengthen family income security.
2) Projects that promote Equity. This would include activities that ensure that all young people have access to opportunities, experience, and the ability to contribute, regardless of identity, income, or neighborhood. This is not simply an effort to provide opportunities to all youth. Activities designed for achieving equity consider historic and social inequalities that have overlooked and denied certain groups the opportunity to justly succeed and achieve their goals. Resources and efforts prioritize relationships, activities, organizing, and other tools in order to shift power and provide opportunities for those who have experienced deficits due to race, sex, gender, orientation, class, and other attributes.


The W.E. program is rooted in the insight that young people grow up, and people thrive in families and communities, not just in large institutional programs. In Detroit there are many youth and adults, small organizations, and grassroots groups with ideas and energy for helping children, youth, and their families thrive. The W.E. program provides resources for such people and organizations to put their ideas into action and to identify problems, implement solutions, and learn and grow as community leaders and changemakers.
Funded projects should focus on young people between the ages of: 8-24 for projects focused on equity and 13-24 for projects focused on workforce development.


Some considerations:
• The project should include collaboration with others and/or efforts to engage youth and adults who have an interest but have not had the opportunity to become involved with solving problems that present barriers to their success.
• Project leaders think deeply, identify, and address root causes of challenges, where possible.
• Demonstrate positive youth development principles, including encouraging youth and involving youth in the design and leadership of the project.


The W.E. Grant Program is a partnership between Community Connections Grant Program and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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