Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Apply to the Grant Program?
Grassroots groups, including groups of concerned residents, social groups, parent groups, block clubs, groups of employees connected to the community, youth groups (with an adult sponsor), small daycare centers, childcare providers (licensed and unlicensed), groups working with young children and their families, and others working to identify and advance solutions to challenges in their community in Detroit. If you have questions about your status, call us.


How do I apply for a grant?

Download one of our grant applications and read the instructions. Then call us for assistance!


Where do I submit completed applications?

Send completed applications and supporting materials to: Community Connections Grant Program, 2727 Second Avenue, Suite #144. Applications can be faxed to (313) 782-4044 and emailed to


When is the grant due?

Innovative Educators Grant: Due in the office on or before the 15th day of each month

Hope Starts Here Child Centric Grant: Due in the office on or before the last day of each month.

Youth-Led Action!: Applications are due in the office on or before the last day of each month.

Artists Collective: Applications are due in the office on or before the last day of each month.


When will we know if we received a grant?

Applicants will be contacted by program staff regarding the status of the application. Groups that are not approved will receive a letter in the mail detailing the reasons the application was not approved.


Does my group or organization need to have 5013c status?

No, we support grassroots not for profit organizations. Groups only have to have a bank account in the name of the group to receive funds. Groups without a bank account can work with a fiduciary. A fiduciary is a not for profit group (church, fraternity, organization) that is willing to accept the grant funds on behalf of the group.

Innovative Educators program: Teachers may request that grant funds be placed in their name or in the name of a fiduciary. The school can also act as the fiduciary for the grant.


What if I want to become involved but have never written a grant before?

No problem. We have Community Coaches that will provide step by step technical assistance throughout the entire grant process. Call (313) 782-4042 with questions or to set up an appointment.


How many grants can we apply for?

Groups can apply for one grant at a time and up to 2 grants a year. The final report must be submitted, audited and approved before subsequent grants can be considered.


How much is my organization or group eligible to receive in a grant?

Groups may receive up to the maximum amount of total of any two grants. Grant amounts, however, are based on the final amount awarded by the Changemaker Panel.


How are grant decisions determined?

A deliberation panel composed of community residents meets monthly or on a predetermined schedule (Depending on the specific grant) to review and deliberate grant requests. They review the project design and budget and vote on whether or not to approve the project. They consider budgets relative to similar requests they have approved over time. They sometimes adjust budgets downward and/ or request additional information from applicants.


How long does it take for us to receive our grant funding if approved?

Approved applications are processed immediately following the review. Groups can expect to hear from us within 3 weeks with instructions on how to pick up the award packet.


Do you provide funding for large organizations?

Community Connections only provides funding for grassroots groups within the city of Detroit.

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