Artists Collective Grant

The Artists Collective Grant Program is a youth-centered program designed to value, encourage, and motivate Detroit residents between the ages of 14-24 to raise their voices through their artistic expertise to represent the thoughts, opinions, hopes, fears, and aspirations of Detroit young people. It is also designed to support the pursuit of arts as a vocation and/or medium to bring about positive social change in communities.


The Artist Collective recognizes the value of the arts as a means to stir people to action. Art can unify, unsettle, question, move, and change society. Its impact often lasts well beyond its creation. We also recognize youth as the inheritors of the future. It is our commitment to stimulate and support the proliferation of the viewpoints of young people in Detroit as the city undergoes significant change. Art is one of the many ways for young people to raise their stature, share thoughts, and also to make demands for inclusion and opportunity.


The Artists Collective Grant Program provides resources to youth artists in order to put their artistic ideas into action for public/private projects. A wide variety of artistic expressions are welcome and valued. The Artists Collective is a partnership betwen Community Connections and the Skillman Foundation.


Download the application to read further guidelines and details, and please contact Community Connections for assistance.

Grantee Stories

What About Us?

On the corner of Belvidere Street on the east side of Detroit stands a homemade sign in blues and reds that reads: ‘Where Families Matter.’ The sign marks a two-story house that is community hub to Community Connections Grantee, What About Us?

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