Community Connections Grant Program

Supporting & mobilizing the community to make sustainable change.

Where community meets philanthropy


We evaluate problems and solutions through a lens of racial and class equity.


We know that authentic relationships are key to developing partnerships and endeavors that lead to mighty outcomes.

Resident Wisdom

We believe that residents of communities know what they need and want. Residents have lifelong knowledge that is earned and developed only through lived experience. This knowledge when mined and utilized is irreplaceable.



Civic Engagement

We work to promote quality of life and developing the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation in others to promote quality of life in communities.

Leadership Development

Our outreach and technical assistance builds leadership experience on the ground and expands the knowledge of community leaders


Bottoms up Systems Change

We support systems change growing from the communities that are most impacted by problems faced and solutions founded.


Equity Text


Grantee Story

In its inaugural year, the Detroit Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge was a great success! The event would not have been possible without the propping up of the young people by adult community members who supported the young entrepreneurs from idea development to execution.

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Our Funders

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