Community Connections Grant Program

Where philanthropy meets ordinary people achieving extraordinary results.


Our approach to grant making is a proven tool to positively impact communities.

Civic Engagement

We outreach to and engage grassroots residents and first line responders. We have trusted relationships with thousands of leaders citywide.

Leadership Development

We support existing leaders as well as spur emerging leaders to action. Capacity building, coaching, and other tools prepare leaders in our network to navigate and solve challenges.

Bottom-Up Systems Change

Our sustained support and strategies result in some groups achieving phenomenal progress challenging long term inequitable barriers.

How We Serve



Serving as a philanthropic intermediary, we provide resources & a suite of services to support grassroots community groups to apply solutions to challenges they deem vital. Our platform centers resident wisdom, relationships, & equity to democratize change. We have relationships with hundreds of frontline responders such as grassroots and community groups, teachers, childcare providers, and other public servants- folks who are closest to the problems and thus, their solutions. We are a network of solution makers working from the ground up.

Technical Assistance

We provide hands-on coaching, project development, grant writing, follow-up, capacity, knowledge, and experience building for our network of grantees and grantmakers. An equity lens runs through our work, and we actively engage underrepresented groups such as persons of color, women, the differently abled, and LGBT+ individuals. We provide support and assistance to ensure that everyone who qualifies has an opportunity to apply for and complete a grant project and is not held back by traditional impediments to being able to make an impact.


Community Panel

We value community and resident wisdom. Our grantmakers are neighbors and community members who, like our grantees, have firsthand knowledge of the problems and solutions facing the community. Our community panel has the final decision on all grant applications.


Equity is a thread that runs through all our work. We consider challenges and solutions through a lens that prioritizes the impact on the most marginalized residents. Black and other residents of color, young people, LGBTQI, homeless, unemployed, and other groups are privileged in our outreach, grantmaking, coaching and capacity building.


Grantee Stories

What About Us?

On the corner of Belvidere Street on the east side of Detroit stands a homemade sign in blues and reds that reads: ‘Where Families Matter.’ The sign marks a two-story house that is community hub to Community Connections Grantee, What About Us?

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Our Funders

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